About Potenttalks.ca

AUGUST 28 / Angie Gelinas

Potenttalks.ca explores how our capacity for potential evolution develops through healthy participation in community. By understanding the intricate inter-connectedness to people and to other living systems we expand and deepen our own identity in an integrated and holistic manner.  

The research and development to re-imagine a regenerative and flourishing future is explored using a whole systems approach. [Link to HP Model]   We wish to take a closer look into regeneration and how regenerative practices might be imagined for our own region.

There are many examples around the world where other cities, regions and countries are actively implementing new ways to regenerate the places they live. We wish to showcase the great work being done by progressive individuals in our own region, who are implementing the development of these practices toward a sustainable economy and thriving future.  

Regenerative practices are intended to assist and enable people to re-design healthy and sustainable eco- systems that benefit people and the planet to flourish. These practices identify the unique essence of people to where they live. In order for us to seek out this uniqueness, there is a story to tell that embraces the history, the triumphs, the hardships and essentially the ‘beingness’ of people that can offer new insights and wisdom. 

By cultivating a ‘deeper sense of belonging’ people have the capacity for greater empathy and willingness to transition into a healthy and more resilient future in which they live.   Potent Talks encourages personal engagement whereby individuals can be empowered to bring their best ‘selves’ forward, while offering a positive contribution to their communities.   We encourage life-long learning and development that will shape a view of conscious participation that engages possibility and potential for a hopeful future.  

This is a critical point in our history where action must happen now and this is especially true for Alberta.  We invite people from all walks of life to come together with a common purpose and contribute in their own way to the development of a thriving future for everyone.  There may not appear to be immediate solutions but we  believe that creating local, bio-regional initiatives is an important step.  

Collaboration between sectors will help us find new possibilities and economic opportunities to enter into a transition that can change the trajectory for our city, region and province.

How we re-design and regenerate our cities and bio-regions will contribute the greatest impact to our human presence on this planet.

Daniel Wahl, author of Designing Regenerative Cultures