It's Time

JANUARY 22 / Marilyn Milavsky

It is time…. to re-imagine what our world could be.   
                What possibilities can we create together?     
                                  How do we organize ourselves and the communities we live in?
                                                  What will guide us in these ever-changing circumstances?


We are capable of changing ourselves to be more compassionate, to open our minds to other perspectives, and to continue to learn.

If we can imagine ourselves to be in mutually beneficial relationships, if we can understand the importance of a shared vision which will allow us to create a more harmonious future together, then the new story we tell about ourselves will have a significant impact on moving us toward a positive future.

Our wellbeing is dependent on a healthy natural environment in which to live. There is much to be learned from our natural world: one of nature’s most dominant features is the fact that co-operation, symbiosis and mutual benefit are necessary to produce the essential conditions for life to continue.

For humans to move into a positive future, the natural environment must be included as a partner in a new vision of healthy co-existence. This is one main principle to understand more deeply if our future is to be progressive and sustainable, and allow for life in all its forms to flourish.

Our mission is to imagine a new reality for all people and the planet as part of our own evolutionary process as humans. Our lives and the lives of future generations depend on it.


It is time for transformational change!

What the past two years of a global pandemic have revealed is that the old industrial system has manifested its vivid flaws, laying bare the human impact on climate, social unrest, and our current economic structure with all its inequities.

We must re-organize ourselves in all these areas. A systems thinking approach is the only way to understand the complexity and interconnectedness of these problems which have seemingly converged on us at this point in our history.

Humans depend on the health of the planet, and the health of the planet depends on humans.

The Human Potential model [link to model illustration] helps to illustrate how SELF is integrated as a participant in COMMUNITY and in NATURE. As humans, we are inter-beings in a very interconnected world, and how we interact in community and in nature determines whether our impact will be positive or negative. Where we maximize our greatest capacity for enabling human and planetary evolution to thrive is where we come into right relationship with others and our natural world.