(1) Help shape Alberta

  • Enable alternative ways of thinking about our city and our region. 
  • Contribute to actions that can help unite us and move us toward a thriving, sustainable and more resilient Alberta.

(2) I’m joining in!  What Next?

We invite you to participate in this initiative, by recording a one-minute video of yourself with a response to our appeal for powerful ideas. One simple question we have framed is:


What do you think might be the most impactful action or direction we Albertans need to take to become a region where citizens, the environment, and the economy thrive as we move forward? 


Bring forward your own pressing question that you believe we might all consider.

(3) We’re keeping it simple!

We use YouTube and Vimeo as our trusted video delivery services.  By sending us your video, you give us permission to post it on our website and upload it to our video service.  Thank you for sharing your One Minute for Alberta!