Pat Menzies   

   Pat Menzies   

Pat 'kisses the joy' when interacting with family and friends and has always been passionate about advocating for others. Through her work with special needs children, she began considering the potential of human beings. Focusing on strategies to maximize learning outcomes, Pat became enthralled with the brain and how it works, an interest which has continued throughout her journey.

Another avenue for accessing joy and making it 'fly', is Pat's passion for food-from being cognizant about the origin of our food sources, both how it is grown and cultural connections, to creating and preparing, and sharing 'feasts'.

Pat has a keen appreciation of the beauty found in nature, whether through the thrill of watching the rhythmic crashing of waves on her favourite beaches, or the view from her window as an armchair observer, where she communes with the birds, rabbits and deer who come to visit her spruce tree.

A lover of the arts, for their ability to provide expression and insight into our life experiences, Pat has been a supporter as a volunteer on many boards and committees. She has a particular appreciation for the beauty of language, and of how the elegance and precise meaning of words found in poetry (in which she sometimes dabbles) or the richness of expression found in a good book, can be transformative. Recently, with the proliferation of social media, she has become increasingly aware of the power of words and how their meaning affects our ability, both negatively and positively, to communicate and connect with one another. She is passionate about our need to find areas of common interest to promote difficult conversations. Words really do matter!

Pat is grateful for the group of 5 friends of Human Potential, who support, trust and deeply respect one another, as they continue on their life journeys of exploration and discovery.