About RiverFestYYC 

What is RiverFestYYC?

RiverFestYYC is a “festival in the making” celebrating the Rivers that run through our city. 

The 2022 version comes in the form of a River walk beginning at the Confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers continuing across the George C. King pedestrian bridge to St Patrick’s Island and following the pathway East along the Bow to Confluence Plaza (near the CPA Calgary Zoo - West parking lot).

There are 5 stops along the way where participants will encounter RiverFestYYC sandwich board signs*.

Each of these stops has a descriptive sign with QR codes that can be scanned to discover stories, artwork, information and a map.  The stories and artwork created for this River walk are “site specific”, meaning each artist was inspired in some way by their stop location. 





RiverFestYYC would like to acknowledge the original stewards of this land who honoured and cared for it well, leaving a legacy for us all to enjoy and protect together. Thank you to the Blackfoot Nations of Siksika, Piikani and Kainai, as well as the Tsuut'ina Nation and Stoney Nakoda Nations of Chiniki, Bearspaw and Wesley.  Mohkinstsis (Calgary) is also home to the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.

When is the RiverFestYYC?

September 16 – 30, 2022

Sponsors & Partners

Thank you, Marilyn – Your brain is always moving and shaking! You continually find opportunities to bring community together, start important conversations and celebrate Nature in all her glory. Thank you for encouraging us all to honour the Bow and Elbow Rivers through RiverFestYYC. Your support of the Arts and belief in its power and voice is both infectious and necessary.


Marketing, Branding, and Graphic Design

Brayden Tritter

RiverFestYYC 2022 Artistic Producer

Nicole Tritter


  • Where is the RiverFestYYC?

    The 2022 version comes in the form of a River walk beginning at the Confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers continuing across the George C. King pedestrian bridge to St Patrick’s Island and following the pathway East along the Bow to Confluence Plaza (near the CPA Calgary Zoo - West parking lot).

  • Who can participate in RiverFestYYC?

    RiverFestYYC is open to the public and wheelchair accessible.

    All you need is a device to scan QR codes to experience stories, visual art, music, voice and dance.

    Headphones are strongly encouraged to enjoy the artwork. 

    Alternatively, RiverFestYYC 2022 can be accessed through the website: www.potenttalks.ca/riverfestyyc

  • Why RiverFestYYC?

    Because the Bow and Elbow Rivers run through our city and are our bloodline

    Because these Rivers bring us together and draw us to their banks

    Because we share these spaces with rocks, plants, fish, birds, animals and insects

    Because we need to celebrate and protect these waterways

    Because Water is Life

RiverFestYYC 2022
Participating Artists / Storytellers


Stop 1:
Confluence Stories

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Fort Calgary is proud to partner with RiverFestYYC to share original stories from Treaty 7 Nations about the land and the Confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers. Scan the QR code to hear an origin story of Mohkinstsis (Calgary) written by Professor Eldon Yellowhorn and shared by Elder Leonard Bastien. Please visit Fort Calgary's website for the full self-guided audio tour.

Photo credit: Kyler Tritter

Stop 2:
Photo Essay

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Photographer Tony Settari explores the banks of the Rivers at the Confluence through the lens of his large format and 35mm digital cameras.  See the Bow and Elbow rivers through his eye and be inspired to interpret them through your own by adding to our growing photo essay. Hashtag your own encounters with the Rivers at #riverfestyyc  

Artist lead: Toni Settari
Settari grew up in Czech Republic and moved to Calgary in 1969 for graduate studies at the University of Calgary.  He took up mountaineering and landscape photography, and soon gravitated to large format photography. This started a period of intense photo work in Canadian Rockies. Following a long pause, he returned to photography in recent years. Settari has a PhD from University of Calgary, and is self-taught as a photographer. His work was exhibited in the past and recently at cSPACE King Edward. Tony has always been passionate about the purity of expression offered by the classical “straight” B&W photography and he uses the same tools to express his feelings about the world and about social and environmental concerns. The present photo-essay was shot in spring and summer of 2022, with some images using 4x5 analog camera and some DSLR, and minimum of digital postprocessing. 

Photo credit: Tony Settari

Stop 3:
River Woman

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The River, by her very nature, nourishes. From sky to mountain, waterfall to stream... leap, cascade & dive through composer Morag Northey’s watery string quartet sound story. Flow as River Woman playfully dances with Cree Knowledge Keeper Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes & sound designer Amelia Northey-Taylor who reverently moves us by wind, wave, song, drum, birds, thunder, & raindrops to the knowing... “Water is Life, Mní Wičhóni.”  


Director, Composer, Cello
Morag Northey
Sound Producer, Sound Design
Amelia Northey-Taylor
Singing, Drumming, Knowledge Keeper
Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes
Anishinaabe “Water Song”
Violin, Viola
Jonathan Lewis

Artist lead: Morag Northey
Northey is a multimedia, multi-genre artist, cellist and composer who draws on classical and theatrical traditions using her well loved cello, piano, loops, bells, an electric 6 string cello and various progressive elements of composition. She has performed across North America, Spain, France, and Italy in concert halls, cathedrals, on mountain summits, under a season of full moons, and along "The Way" of the Frances Camino de Santiago. Morag concerns herself with healing, inner, outer and invisible landscapes, and the land and our relationship to it. All of her previous works, more than can be mentioned here, have led to today’s RiverFestYYC compositions "River Woman", and "Vocalise" for Nicole Tritter’s "what of your own water".

Photo credit: Morag Northey

Stop 4:
A Pathway of Connections
Spoken word by Adora Nwofor

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Connecting to nature is a necessity, often overlooked.
Water blesses all of us daily.
This piece is a thank you to the many journeys this water will connect.

Artist lead: Adora Nwofor
Nwofor aka Statuesse is your typical everyday awkward Amazon Goddess next door. She leads with grace and humor even when not intended. Comedian and host she is all well rounded and a 2021 Calgary Herald Compelling Calgarian making an impact on Turtle Island. From co-producing and styling community content with Shaw Cable, hosting events like Folkfest, Cariwest and Reggaefest, to making folx jaws drop with comedy at Snickers comedy open mic, comedy clubs nation wide, she isn’t afraid to tell THE edgy story you needed. A people lover, getting a look into new communities is her newest adventure, Living a creative life on Youtube tells how people have continued to express themselves despite a pandemic. That’s not all; there’s also public speaking (at U of C, Mount Royal and Capilano university in the past year), activism (you saw 2020 but she has been on it), wardrobe styling and modeling in the YYC, recently debuted theatre with ETC, Ellipsis Tree Collective (she sang y’all) doing all like she’s having a party. Maybe she IS the party!

Photo credit: Onyie Ekene-Obi

Stop 5:
what of your own water

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Dancers Kelley McKinlay and Nicole Tritter immerse themselves in the Bow River at the Confluence. Their bodies’ ebb and flow in concert with each other and the water itself, creating a dance where all three entities are equally present. 


Joel McNichol
Nicole Tritter
Kelley McKinlay
Nicole Tritter
Carter Hess
Robert Schmidt
Joel McNichol
Kyler Tritter
Drone Pilot
Kyler Tritter
Kelley McKinlay
Editing Supervisor
Joel McNichol
Film Score
Composer, Vocalise Director, Cellist
Morag Northey
Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Voice
Amelia Northey-Taylor
Piano, Piano Arrangement
Sergei Kofman
Executive Producer
Marilyn Milavsky

Artistic Producer: Nicole Tritter
Tritter is an interdisciplinary artist with a contemporary dance background. This lens of movement and interacting with the world through her body is still a defining part of her artistic expression/practice. Consequently, movement is always an underlying factor in her work, whether used to create the work itself (large scale sculptures), as the work (performative storytelling), or interactive experiences designed to find movement within the participant (installation and participatory artforms). Tritter has a BA in Dance (1998) and an MFA in Sculpture (2018) from the University of Calgary and a BFA in Sculpture (2014) from ACAD (now AUArts).

Photo credit: Kyler Tritter (edited by Joel McNichol)